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Welcome to the Subtitle-a-thon challenge!

The Europeana XX: subtitle-a-thon is a crowdsourcing initiative that allows you to create and add subtitles to archival audiovisual content. By sharing your language and subtitling skills, you will contribute to making audiovisual content more accessible to multilingual audiences and widely available. The subtitle-a-thon challenges are part of a raising awareness campaign about the value of multilingual access to AV archival footage and are not intended to compete with or replace professional level translation. Sign up to our events and join the challenge to Subtitle the Past, Translate for the Future.

Joining is free and open to everyone.

Subtitle the Past, Translate for the Future.

About Subtitle-a-thon

Subtitle-a-thon is an initiative that invites the public to create and add subtitles to archival audiovisual clips coming from various European heritage collections available on The aim of the experience organised as part of the Europeana XX: Century of Change project is to make audiovisual material accessible to multilingual audiences and, for the currently underrepresented AV-heritage, to become more widely available.

The four online events are coordinated by four members of the project: the Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum - DFF (Germany), Cinecittà (Italy), the National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute - FINA (Poland) and, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - NISV (The Netherlands). During the events, people with different language skills work together toward a common goal: to create and add different subtitles to archival media fragments coming from various European collections that may be further shown in the Europeana XX editorials. During the events, participants will have the opportunity to use specialized technology to subtitle the content.

Who can participate?

The subtitle-a-thons are open for a diversified audience of cultural heritage institutions, educators and researchers in the creative industries, as well as every European citizen with an interest in history and culture.

Get involved! Discover more about each of the four events here

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Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Warsaw
12 - 18 June 2021
Europeana XX: Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Warsaw
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Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Frankfurt
6 - 11 July 2021
Europeana XX: Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Frankfurt
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23 - 29
Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Rome
23 - 29 October 2021
Europeana XX: Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Rome
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26 - 2
Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Amsterdam
26 September - 2 October 2021
Europeana XX: Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Amsterdam
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14 - 18
Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Caserta
14 - 18 March
Europeana Subtitled: Subtitle-a-thon Challenge Caserta
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Awards and Prizes

Taking part in our Subtitle-a-thon is a very gratifying experience, but we do not want you to go home empty handed either. That is why each participant of one of the four events will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

We also want to thank the biggest contributors to our subtitle-a-thons with something more tangible. The top three subtitlers of each marathon will be sent an online gift card, based on the amount of subtitled characters and quality of the subtitles. Specifics for each subtitle-a-thon’s gift cards can be discovered on their event pages.

After each subtitle-a-thon, the winners of the prizes will be individually contacted by the organisers and their names will be announced on the event page within 5 weekdays.